Things You Never Hear As An Early Stage Investor

There are some things that you never ever hear as an early stage investor, especially investing in early stage technology startups.

Here is a list of the things that investors just never hear:

We are very passionate.

I’ll quit my job if you make an investment.

We have the best team.

Our team is amazing.

This app will change the world.

Instagram sold for a billion dollars without revenue.

Everybody loves our idea.

If we just get 1% of this big market.

There is no competition.

There is nothing like this on the market.

Our company is pre-revenue.

I will work really hard.

We have this amazing idea for bars and restaurants.

This idea with 10 power point slides, 2 mock ups and 1 crappy logo is worth a million today.

We only need a technical co-founder.

We are product people.

Everyone will use our product.

But we have lots of FB likes.

Ok, I lied, investors hear these things all the time.
Red flag. Makes sense to avoid saying them.

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