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Worst Types Of Business Partners Or Co-founders

Businesses are run by individuals. Therefor the type of the individuals who run any particular business play significant role whether the whole venture will work out or not.

If you are in business with the wrong type of people, your odds of “making it” will decrease dramatically. Even worse if you are currently a person who falls in to one or more of the negative types.

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The 104-Hour Workweek

Everyone likes the 4-hour workweek. It’s possible in theory but why bother with it when you can work 104 hours a week. That’s how the real business is done.

The cold hard reality is that when you are building a business it’s not just hard but it’s also wrong and irresponsible to not be obsessed by it. So if you are just working 4 hours and you are wasting most of your time you are not productive.  Continue reading The 104-Hour Workweek

Fail Fast Or Not So Fast

I’m probably one of the least/best qualified people to give advice on time management and procrastination. And here is why… I’m so good at wasting my time and procrastinating that I’m an expert on the topic who still struggles to overcome that natural obstacle.

We hear very often business gurus saying “fail fast”. In my opinion that’s a great advice. And I think it relates more to time management and productivity than to the common business matters like market, product quality, etc.

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Who Should Be An Entrepreneur

I advocate entrepreneurship but that doesn’t mean I want everybody to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is essentially starting a business and it’s obvious that the world and societies don’t need just entrepreneurs. So who should be an entrepreneur?

I guess a normal percentage of entrepreneurs in a typical society would be around 10-15%. The percentage might be higher somewhere according to some local laws, conditions and incentives. Have in mind that all self-employed people are basically entrepreneurs. If your profession is a plumber and you work independently by yourself you are an entrepreneur.

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How NOT To Start A Business

In this article I’m going to talk about how NOT to start a business and some of the most common mistakes that entrepreneurs make at the beginning.

Unfortunately many people have wrong believes when it comes to starting a business, making money, picking their industry and taking risks. The cold hard reality is that over 90% of the new businesses fail and in many cases it’s because of the founders’ stupidity right from the beginning. But sometimes even if the business owner is better prepared, he can still fail. So here are some early entrepreneurial mistakes you have to avoid when you start a business.

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