Some Awesome Online Business Ideas You’ve Never Had

Some awesome online business ideas you’ve never had and no one else is thinking about:

News website – about sports or politics, you decide. It’s very simple. Install wordpress on a shared hosting account, pick a free theme from somewhere, create facebook page, copy/paste all the news you can from other sites and share all your news in social media. Guaranteed success.

Torrents site – install a free torrents portal script, give it a cool name, upload torrent files of all 600GB of movies, music, porn and software you have downloaded via thepiratebay and ask your friends to do the same. Provide seed. Link your new site everywhere. Enjoy.

New social network – Enough of this facebook. Make a niche social network, for car lovers for example. People will sign up right away and pay you huge dollars for ads. No way to go wrong here.

Dating site – dating never gets old, right? Make a dating site. It is that simple. No additional work required.

Ebay clone – creating a marketplace for all kinds of products is really innovative idea. Luckily there are many free website scripts and you won’t even need to hire a programmer for it. Ebay is worth billions, if you can get just 1% of their market share you will be very rich.

Weight loss blog – People are fat, teach them how to lose weight, write articles in blogger or wordpress and give affiliate links to weight loss products. You will make huge $$ of commissions.

SEO articles – free traffic rules. Getting on top of search results is very simple. Write no sense about a very popular topic and build links to the site. Monetize with adsense or affiliate offers.

Mobile apps – mobile apps are the real deal. All apps make a lot of money. Everyone has smartphone. The $5k you are going to spend on a simple app will makes it’s money in a month at max.

If you steal some of these ideas I want a %, mkay!

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