Serious Business Areas That Need More Attention

I see so many people waste their time with stupid business ideas (me included) when there are so many serious niches and business areas that scream for change and improvement.

Instead of trying your business luck with ventures like t-shirt companies, restaurants, photo editing apps or SEO agencies, entrepreneurs better focus  on solving real and significant issues.

Here is a list of the categories that I think we as entrepreneurs and investors should focus more on a global and local scale. There are so many areas in those niches that need improvement.

Health and medicine – never ending need for new solutions

Money and finance – it’s a huge mess right now

Resources and energy – think of all kind of commodities we use and improving energy efficiency

Food – feeding people becomes more expansive and more difficult since the global population is growing. Quality of food is declining.

Environmental issues – solutions must be cost effective and beneficiary to economy

Manufacturing – optimizations

Real estate and housing – big issues in many areas of the world

Transport – more efficiency is needed

Education – huge mess with lots of new opportunities

Robotics and space technologies – basically the future

Security – there is always demand for it

Of course, there are even more areas where you can help with your business and profit from it. Leave the insignificant stupid projects to the people who don’t know any better.

I’m not going into details or into specific issues within the niches but there are huge opportunities everywhere. These categories require a lot more knowledge and skills. You have to define the problems there and come up with useful solutions.
Whoever does it can make a lot of money and really help people.

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