Recipe For Having A Successful Blog

The most important ingredients are:
be authentic
provide value
be interesting
post consistently

That’s it, a recipe for a successful blog. And it is so difficult and time consuming that I’ve never really done it. (not that it really matters)

I’m starting this blog with the one and only idea to help myself. I do it for me. I want to put some of my thoughts on a digital paper and if some people find it valuable, so be it. Providing value is cool.

This is a business blog so I can basically write for whatever I want. It’s all business.

Will it become successful? Time will tell. I want it to become a good source of information.

I guess I will violate the last 2 rules from the ingredients list above. This blog is an add-on to my stuff, not my main focus. I will write when I can.

For those of you who want recipe for having a successful blog, use all the 5 ingredients I gave you, otherwise it won’t happen.

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