How To Sell Information

“Information is the most valuable commodity in the world” – quote from the movie “Wall Street” (1987). (probably the original author of the quote is different) … But anyway, I couldn’t agree more.

Information controls our lives. The information we have ultimately controls all our actions directly or indirectly. All the decisions we make that ultimate shape and determine our reality are made based on the information that we posses and use in any given moment.

If you are in the info marketing business however, selling information is not the easiest task in the world. Human psychology is very complex. And you have to understand that because of lack of enough information the perception that people have about information as a commodity is not that high.

In fact, the mass perception these days is that information is cheap. We are living in a world where information is everywhere and because of its abundance the actual perception most of the time is that’s worth nothing.

In order to understand how to sell information with success we have to understand human behaviour and perceptions better.

People will buy information only when they believe they will receive greater value.

The key here is the word believe. How to make them believe.

One way is to make the information tangible. Books, newspapers, magazines, DVDs, etc still sell even though they are also accessible for free online. Tangible things have higher perceived value.

Another way is to make people attend an information event –  conferences, seminars, workshops, courses, universities studies, doctor visits, they all charge more for the same information because people are willing to pay more.

Make it scarce. If it’s available for everyone and forever it won’t sell. Scarcity is a call to action tactic and it works with all info products.

Information is sold way better if it comes from an authority.
If you are an expert, if you have proven track record, if people believe that your stuff is the real deal, if they are referred to you buy someone they trust, if you are a big brand, then you fall into the authority category and you can sell information will less resistance for higher price.

Last but not least, you have to connect on a personal level with the prospects. Show them that you understand them, you now what they want and you will lead them to where they want to be.

Understand your prospects’ beliefs and suite your marketing message to them.

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