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How Reading Too Many Books Can F*** You Up

It’s common, reading too many business, marketing, management, productivity, self help or personal development books can fuck you up. These are the books that the aspiring managers, entrepreneurs,  marketers and others read.

Now, I’m not against reading those books. Not reading at all and not willing to learn is just ignorant. There is absolutely no need to reinvent the wheel every time and that’s what those who don’t seek any information rely on. Continue reading How Reading Too Many Books Can F*** You Up

How To Sell Information

“Information is the most valuable commodity in the world” – quote from the movie “Wall Street” (1987). (probably the original author of the quote is different) … But anyway, I couldn’t agree more.

Information controls our lives. The information we have ultimately controls all our actions directly or indirectly. All the decisions we make that ultimate shape and determine our reality are made based on the information that we posses and use in any given moment.

If you are in the info marketing business however, selling information is not the easiest task in the world. Continue reading How To Sell Information

Fail Fast Or Not So Fast

I’m probably one of the least/best qualified people to give advice on time management and procrastination. And here is why… I’m so good at wasting my time and procrastinating that I’m an expert on the topic who still struggles to overcome that natural obstacle.

We hear very often business gurus saying “fail fast”. In my opinion that’s a great advice. And I think it relates more to time management and productivity than to the common business matters like market, product quality, etc.

Continue reading Fail Fast Or Not So Fast

Serious Business Areas That Need More Attention

I see so many people waste their time with stupid business ideas (me included) when there are so many serious niches and business areas that scream for change and improvement.

Instead of trying your business luck with ventures like t-shirt companies, restaurants, photo editing apps or SEO agencies, entrepreneurs better focus  on solving real and significant issues.

Continue reading Serious Business Areas That Need More Attention