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3 Pillars Of Great Marketing

Narrowing down things to their core is really useful strategy to figure out and embrace the basics of anything.
Often we focus too much on the details that we forget the fundamentals.

That’s why I’m writing this article because it focuses on the fundamentals of marketing. With so much information about different hacks and strategies we can get overwhelmed and we forget the fundamental pillars of great marketing.
Remember, no matter how pretty your house is, if it’s not laid down appropriately on the ground it will ultimately fall.

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3 Main Reasons Why People Won’t Buy From You

You can have 1000 excuses why your conversions such, in other words why people don’t buy from you (assuming that you are selling something), but in fact we can easily narrow them down to 3 main reasons for that to happen.

Any other reason that you may point out is related to those 3 and it doesn’t really matter which business you are in, same principles apply all the time.  Continue reading 3 Main Reasons Why People Won’t Buy From You

Who Should Be An Entrepreneur

I advocate entrepreneurship but that doesn’t mean I want everybody to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is essentially starting a business and it’s obvious that the world and societies don’t need just entrepreneurs. So who should be an entrepreneur?

I guess a normal percentage of entrepreneurs in a typical society would be around 10-15%. The percentage might be higher somewhere according to some local laws, conditions and incentives. Have in mind that all self-employed people are basically entrepreneurs. If your profession is a plumber and you work independently by yourself you are an entrepreneur.

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