My name is Lyubomir Stoilov and you are in my blog.

There are substantive words that we often use to identify ourselves with – our profession, our job position, out status in family, the role we have in our passions. (example: accountant, CFO, dad, husband, football fan, chess player, etc.)
There are also adjective words that describe what we want to achieve and who we want to be. (example: successful, happy, rich, healthy, great, free, etc.)
One can argue that if you add adjectives to describe who you are now you are either happy/OK with who you are or you are just arrogant. (why not both sometimes)

I’m a person who is never satisfied with the current state, especially when it comes to my work, my business. I believe that if I’m not growing then I’m declining.

I’m a Bulgarian entrepreneur. I like business. In the beginning I thought that I was doing it for the money, then later when I had no money I understood that this is who I am and this is what I really like to do.

In this blog I write about business, money, entrepreneurship, investing, personal development, life, leadership and other popular words. They are all related and here I express my thoughts on their relation.

I write the blog for myself with my thoughts and my conclusions, I like to put things on a record. If you like the content and you find it helpful, great. Use it at your own risk.

On the right side of the site (below this if you are on phone) you see my personal twitter feed. I tweet about all kind of things including the topics here, but I’m a human and I have all kinds of interests.

I write in English because I learn about my topics in this language and sometimes it is even easier for me to express my views without sounding strange. My business is also focused on the international market and I have international friends and partners. That’s how they can read it. My Bulgarian fellows should understand.

If you want to get in touch with me, there are some obvious ways – commenting in the site, twitter, LinkedIn, other social media sites.

Thanks for visiting.

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