5 Easy Ways To Get More Body Energy For Free

Lack of energy is a huge problem for lots of people (including me) that’s resulting in less productivity, bad mood, tiredness, etc. It’s messing with your work and your day to day life so it’s not a small issue. Good energy is required to get things done.

I know a lot about nutrition and diets, supplements and medication, psychology and all kinds of stuff that can help or mess up your energy. It’s not an easy thing to fix but it’s necessary if you need to accomplish more or just feel better.

In this article I’m listing only the free natural methods to boost your energy. It’s no way near the optimal strategy I’d use for chronicle problems but it’s a good start, you will feel improvement and it won’t cost you a dime.

So 5 easy ways to get more body energy for free:

Slow deep breathing 
Practice slow deep breathing for 3-4 mins a day. You will get more oxygen, more energy and if you are under stress it will calm you down. It won’t hurt you to try.

Take a bath
Ok, maybe it’s not completely free since you are paying for water but It’s a good way to relax and refresh. Cold and warm baths have their own pros and cons, in my experiences both can be effective (not at the same time).

Small intensive workout
Too often all you need is to pump the blood in your body. Lack of physical activity can lead to tiredness (how ironic is that). You don’t need to spend hours in the gym. Sometimes just 5 minutes of stretching and push-ups can be enough.

Expose yourself to the sun
The sun is a great energy source. Take sun bath for 5-10 mins a day. It’s difficult in the winter but take advantage when you can. Avoid sun burning by not staying exposed for too long, don’t use sun protection creams.

Shut down electronics
For many of us our lifestyle involves the constant use of electronics (TVs, laptops, computers, cellphones, etc). Shut them off! We are overexposed to all kinds of lightnings, radio waves, electronic signals and so on. They all reflect on our bodies. Take a rest when you can.

Bonus tip number 6 – Change you clothes more often
Don’t use the same clothes every day, wash them more often and try not to wear shoes and socks the whole day (unless it’s very cold).

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