3 Main Reasons Why People Won’t Buy From You

You can have 1000 excuses why your conversions such, in other words why people don’t buy from you (assuming that you are selling something), but in fact we can easily narrow them down to 3 main reasons for that to happen.

Any other reason that you may point out is related to those 3 and it doesn’t really matter which business you are in, same principles apply all the time. 

So the 3 main reasons why people won’t buy from you are:

1. The don’t want the thing that you are selling
Wow, who could have thought of that, right? Maybe the vegetarian doesn’t want to buy your ham. Or maybe the regular guy doesn’t want to buy a female lipstick. You get the point. You are selling to the wrong audience.
Or you are selling overpriced product. Again they don’t want to buy something when they can get basically the same thing for less money from someone else.
You haven’t communicated with them why your product it’s worth the price that you are asking.

2. They don’t have the money
Do you want to have a nice beach house in southern France? Yeah, me too. So does everyone else. But unless you have the money, you can’t buy it. Well, this applies to every business.
People can see the value, but they don’t have the capital. Even if it’s not high priced product, they can still have financial problems.

3. They don’t trust you
Maybe, they don’t know you. Maybe you have bad reputation. Maybe you sound like a scammer. Maybe there are brands out there in your field that control the market and the user perspective is bias. Who knows. But for some reason your prospects think and feel  that buying your stuff is a risky thing.

As I said, those 3 reasons apply for practically any business and every product or service out there. So if you are a business owner, startup person, marketer or just a regular salesman who is struggling with getting customers, start solving your problems by figuring exactly why your prospects don’t buy.

The answer is hidden in one or more of the 3 reasons above.

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