The 11 Golden Rules For Outsourcing On The Internet

Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of independent online contractors (or freelancers) on many different projects.
And I can tell you that if you don’t know how to hire people online and then how to work with them remotely, you will have a lot of problems.
You will end up spending a lot more money than needed, you will have delayed projects and you will be very mad.

Follow the basic rules in this article and you will reduce all that trouble significantly.

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How To Research Your Competition On The Web

Read this short article and you will know how to do a basic quick competitive web research.
It’s for internet based businesses only, even though some of the things can be used for the market research needs of traditional companies.

There are tons of reasons why you would want to identify and see what your business competitors are doing, what works for them, what doesn’t  and how are they positioned. Continue reading How To Research Your Competition On The Web

How Reading Too Many Books Can F*** You Up

It’s common, reading too many business, marketing, management, productivity, self help or personal development books can fuck you up. These are the books that the aspiring managers, entrepreneurs,  marketers and others read.

Now, I’m not against reading those books. Not reading at all and not willing to learn is just ignorant. There is absolutely no need to reinvent the wheel every time and that’s what those who don’t seek any information rely on. Continue reading How Reading Too Many Books Can F*** You Up

Leverage Other People’s Resources – Checklist

This is a checklist of what other people’s resources can be used as a leverage when the business owner or the entrepreneur doesn’t have enough of them. (And you never have enough, so it’s always worth it)

Lack of resources in most cases is a lame excuse because you can always use someone else’s.

So here s the other people’s resources checklist: Continue reading Leverage Other People’s Resources – Checklist

Worst Types Of Business Partners Or Co-founders

Businesses are run by individuals. Therefor the type of the individuals who run any particular business play significant role whether the whole venture will work out or not.

If you are in business with the wrong type of people, your odds of “making it” will decrease dramatically. Even worse if you are currently a person who falls in to one or more of the negative types.

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3 Pillars Of Great Marketing

Narrowing down things to their core is really useful strategy to figure out and embrace the basics of anything.
Often we focus too much on the details that we forget the fundamentals.

That’s why I’m writing this article because it focuses on the fundamentals of marketing. With so much information about different hacks and strategies we can get overwhelmed and we forget the fundamental pillars of great marketing.
Remember, no matter how pretty your house is, if it’s not laid down appropriately on the ground it will ultimately fall.

The 3 pillars of great marketing are…  Continue reading 3 Pillars Of Great Marketing

3 Main Reasons Why People Won’t Buy From You

You can have 1000 excuses why your conversions such, in other words why people don’t buy from you (assuming that you are selling something), but in fact we can easily narrow them down to 3 main reasons for that to happen.

Any other reason that you may point out is related to those 3 and it doesn’t really matter which business you are in, same principles apply all the time.  Continue reading 3 Main Reasons Why People Won’t Buy From You

The 104-Hour Workweek

Everyone likes the 4-hour workweek. It’s possible in theory but why bother with it when you can work 104 hours a week. That’s how the real business is done.

The cold hard reality is that when you are building a business it’s not just hard but it’s also wrong and irresponsible to not be obsessed by it. So if you are just working 4 hours and you are wasting most of your time you are not productive.  Continue reading The 104-Hour Workweek

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